Payment Gateway Bundle – One Item Checkout

PayPal Pro:

[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id=”35″ gateway=”pppro”] AIM:

[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id=”35″ gateway=”auth_aim”]

Verotel (product id – 35):

[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id=”35″ gateway=”verotel” button_text=”Buy It Now”]

Add to cart:

[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=35]

CCBILL (product id – 35):

[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id=”35″ gateway=”ccbill” button_text=”Buy It Now”]


[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id=”35″ gateway=”bitpay”]

Stripe with fancy display 2:

[wp_eStore_fancy_display id=”35″ type=”2″ style=”2″ gateway=”stripe”]

Gateway Specific Buy Now Text Link:

Click to pay via Stripe